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And, our amazing Happy Dog Adventurers!

I'm 9-years-old and am all love.  I come alive on the trail and feel like I"m 2 again!

The Heart

I'm 1 and I love the freedom to run wild and play with my pack mates. I'm a big fluffy goof-ball!

The Muppet
Wheat Ridge

I'm 2-years-old and am an experienced explorer.  I love making new friends, furry and human!

The Socialite

I'm a 1-year-old German Shephard.  I live for sticks and like to hunt for the biggest ones!

The Logger
Sloan's Lake

I'm 6!  I use my nose so well  that even though I'm mostly blind I often lead the pack!

Trail Blazer
Jefferson Park

I'm 2 and can run like the wind, especially when chasing prairie dogs!

Muscle Man

I'm almost one and am all games and fun!

The Goof Ball
Cherry Creek

Running free and jumping high makes me a happy girl!

The Party Girl
West Highlands

I was nervous at first but now feel confident exploring and running with my friends.  My paw-rents like that i'm more mellow at home!

The Tsunami
West Highlands

I moved from NYC and am now a Colorado adventurer!  l have the biggest smile and love to meet new fureends

The Sweetie
Jefferson Park

I'm all puppy!  I am learning how to play and socialize with furrends and humans.  Being in the wild is my happy place. I have magic blue eyes.


Ms. Personality

Jefferson Park


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