Hi, I'm Anya Jane, Owner and Pack Leader.  I started Happy Dog Adventures, LLC in 2018 and it has since grown into my full-time career.  My partner, Michael, and kids, Joli and Sean, are a part of my life team, therefore, a part of the Happy Dog team too!  We live in Edgewater, Colorado, and adventure with dogs that live in the NW Denver area.

Did you know there are more dogs than kids in Denver? Not a surprise!  Over the past couple of years, I've talked with so many dog parents who work long hours and are looking for excellent and trusted care.  Happy Dog Adventures was born from this need as well as my love of and experience with dogs, hiking, and helping others.

I am a graduate of Bel-Rae Veterinary Institute and have worked as a Certified Veterinary Technician and Doggie Daycare manager.  I also operated my own dog walking business.  In the Spring of 2019 I graduated from Dog-Biz University where I became well versed in understanding pack behavior, reading dog language and using positive training methods.  I operate under Dog-Biz Ethical Business Practices.

I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  In 1997, I packed up my Honda and drove west with my German Shepard, "Sam", and guitar,"Phoebe".  I've since used my love of music and dogs to work and run businesses in each field. Sometimes I even combine the two by singing to pups on the trails!​​



Pack Leader

Founded Happy Dog Adventures, LLC Goes by many titles: Dedicated mother, outdoor enthusiast, lover of music, seamstress, designer, grateful friend, daughter, and sister.  Eats way too much ice cream.


 Asst. Pack Leader, Business Consultant

Has been with Happy Dog Adventures since its inception in 2018.  He is a natural with dogs and they all love him!  He is a drummer, potter, teacher, mediator and an idea generator!  He also eats way too much ice cream.


Marketing and Promotion

Our in house web designer and copy editor.  He is paid in cat nip and is often caught sleeping during work hours.


Chief Financial Officer

Great at keeping the books but spends way too much time chasing his tail in the bathtub.


Co-founder and Customer Relations

Ensures every dog and human feels loved and welcomed. He especially enjoys noon time belly rubs and sneaking cat food from the office fridge.


Happy Dog Adventures, LLC

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